Skål, liten

Skål, liten


Handdrejad stengods högbränd i reducerande miljö.

Vikt: 168 g

Höjd: 5,5 cm

Diameter: 10,5 cm

Glasyr: Shino

Ur Wikipedia:

Shino ware (志野焼 Shino-yaki) is Japanese pottery, usually stoneware, originally from Mino Province, in present-day Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It emerged in the 16th century, but the use of shino glaze is now widespread, both in Japan and abroad. It is identified by thick white glazes, red scorch marks, and a texture of small holes. Some experts believe it should not treated as distinct from Oribe ware but described as "white Oribe", with the pottery usually called just Oribe described as "green Oribe" instead.[1]:8, 16


Shino glaze (志野釉 Shino uwagusuri) is a generic term for a family of pottery glazes. They tend to range in color from milky white to orange, sometimes with charcoal grey spotting, known as "carbon trap" which is the trapping of carbon in the glaze during the firing process.[2]

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